Montant levé en 2015 : 2,45M €
Serie B 2020 : 8M €

Cardiawave was created at the end of 2014 as a result of a partnership of over 6 years between the team at the Langevin Institute, a world leader in ultrasound imaging and therapy, and the team at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (HEGP), a leader in the field of valve disease and cardiac ultrasound imaging.

Led by an experienced management team, 2017 Prizewinner of Worldwide Innovation Contest 3rd phase, Cardiawave has secured over €14m since inception, to develop its product and to pursue preclinical studies before first-in-man expected in 2019.

Our device has been successfully tested in vitro and in vivo on large animal models. A first paper was published in JACC: Villemain, O., Robin, J., Bel, A., et al. Pulsed cavitational ultrasound softening: a new noninvasive therapeutic approach for calcified bioprosthetic valve stenosis, JACC: Basic to Translational Science, 2 (2017), pp. 372-383.

Awards & Honours:
- 2018 Prize-winner of SME Instrument, Phase 2 – European Union;
- 2017 Prize-winner of Worldwide Innovation Contest (CMI), 3rd phase – French government / BPI France;
- 2015 Prize-winner of Worldwide Innovation Contest (CMI), 2nd phase – French government / BPI France;
2015 Prize winner of Fondation pour l’Innovation Thérapeutique Béatrice Denys – Turenne Capital (French Investment Fund).


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