Enhancing singularity

Paris Business Angels is one of France's leading startup investment and support networks. 

We mainly focus on the seed or pre-seed phase. We can invest up to 5 million euros in financing rounds, accompanied by partner networks.

30% of our members have an entrepreneurial background. They have acquired know-how that enables them to understand the challenges and issues faced by the entrepreneurs we support. This is a real strength of Paris Business Angels.

Our network's expertise is also based on the diversity of our members' profiles: from IT to finance, from law to medicine, from real estate to engineering, from the environment to aerospace, and so on.

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Our assets

Our personalized investments and the involvement of our members

  • Substantial, personalised investments following a rigorous selection of projects by our members and investment experts with multiple, complementary profiles

  • Active, ongoing training

  • Quality support for startup managers: our members are committed, caring and decisive in the success of their projects

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Our members' objectives

  • Investing in innovative startups

  • Passing on our know-how and experience

  • Support entrepreneurs in their growth

  • Support innovative french companies while benefiting from tax advantages

  • Join a dynamic, friendly & professional network

  • Live the role of mentor to the full: providing passionate & caring support, participating in the growth of startups through regular involvement, providing resources and advice

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Our association is alive and kicking:

  • The “DEX” expertises groups are led by members who are experts in their field. Our preferred sectors: greentech, cleantech, digital/IA, food/retailtech

  • The operating partners Club trains and coordinates our board members. Their role is to monitor and advise the startups they support. They also keep Paris Business Angels' investor shareholders informed.

We organise regular information meetings, as well as comprehensive training courses for new entrants.

Our partners

Essec Alumni

Active members, participating both in investment and in all the association's activities.


Active members, participating both in investment and in all the association's activities.


Bpifrance, the bank for entrepreneurs


Cap Digital is at the heart of a formidable movement that federates all innovation players


Dynergie is a 360° innovation consulting agency.


Law firm